Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Plants vs Zombies

The game involves a homeowner protecting home from ever more powerful waves of invading zombies by buying and placing various kinds of anti-zombie plants on your lawn. You must defend the homeowner's house during day or night, in the front yard and the backyard.

During each level, zombies gradually make their way leftward from the street towards your home. Your post is to resist the zombie attack by collecting sun and using it to buy various defensive plants to place on your lawn. If you demolish all the zombies in a level, you proceed to the next level. If a zombie makes it all the way to the left side of the screen, you lose.

Game modes on Plants vs. Zombies

  • Adventure mode is the primary mode of Plants vs. Zombies, pitting you and your planting prowess against the hordes of the undead who hunger for both your brains and your real estate.
  • Mini-games are unlocked once you receive the present in the middle of level 3-2 in Adventure mode. Access the mini-games by clicking the "Mini-Games" button on the Main Menu gravestone.
  • Puzzle mode is unlocked once you receive the present in the middle of level 4-6 in Adventure mode. Access the puzzles by clicking the "Puzzle" button on the Main Menu gravestone.
  • Survival mode is unlocked once you complete Adventure mode. Access Survival mode by clicking the "Survival" button on the Main Menu gravestone.
  • Zen Garden is unlocked once you complete level 5-4 in Adventure mode. Access the Zen Garden by clicking the "Zen Garden" watering can on the Main Menu.

Many people like this game, whether it’s young or adults. Regardless of which side you pick to defend, you'll find a fascinating and highly enjoyable game.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Tetris, as we know is that interesting block styled game where you have to rotate, move and drop those oddly shaped blocks to from lines, without letting it hit the top. Tetris is not also this games name, but it is a verb that actually means the action of clearing four lines from the screen at once, which is the Tetris combo in the great game.

The game first started in those arcade centre’s around the world on PC’s. It was a famous game from the second it came out. The changing levels and the skills you learnt from playing the game made it something everyone would battle over. The game was completed on June 6th 1984, so this June 6th is Tetris’s 26th birthday! And it’s still running strong in the gaming world. The game was completed by Alexander Pajitnov, a Programmer at Moscow Academy of Sciences who chose to use his spare time to work on this fabulous game. Pajitnov created the game on an Elektronika computer, the brand usually involved in Russian technicians trying to create clones of foreign products not available in the USSR.

The game Tetris comes from a combination of Tetromino (Shape consisting of four squares joined together by their edges) and Tennis. Tetromino comes from the Greek word tetra (four) and domino.

Unlike most games, in Tetris, there is not ultimate ‘win’ or ‘completion’. The random nature of the shapes which appears means the game is impossible to develop and infinite winning strategy, which means that it is predictable that its players will lose eventually. But still we all try and try to make it to that next level… which will always come.

Tetris has earned most of its popularity from staring on the Nintendo Game Boy, which sold around35million copes of the game. This happens to be roughly half of the games overall total. In 2007, the game site IGN, named it the second best game of all time, only being beaten by Super Mario Brothers.

Tetris isn’t only a fun and challenging game, but brain scans show Tetris trains people to use their brains more efficiently.

Despite famously making little money from the game, Pajitnov said, “Let me tell you my opinion on free software: it should never have existed and today should not exist.” But we are all glad it did, and it still does. Because not just for me, but many others, it has for filled those hours of boredom, and has improved our brains and packing skills so much more. So continue to play this fabulous game, and let’s make it last for another 26 years to come.

By: TheBabyPurpleNinja